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Meeting Minutes

LLC meeting minutes are a formal written record of the discussions, decisions, and actions taken during meetings of an LLC (limited liability company). The minutes serve as a legal document and provide evidence that the LLC is operating in compliance with state laws and regulations.

It is important for LLCs to keep accurate and up-to-date meeting minutes for a few reasons:

  1. Legal compliance: In most states, LLCs are required by law to maintain written minutes of their meetings. Failure to do so can result in penalties and fines.

  2. Liability protection: Properly documented meeting minutes can help protect LLC members and managers from personal liability in the event of legal disputes or lawsuits.

  3. Organizational clarity: Meeting minutes provide a clear record of the decisions and actions taken by the LLC. This can be especially important in situations where members may have different recollections of what was discussed or agreed upon.


Overall, LLC meeting minutes are an important aspect of maintaining proper corporate governance and protecting the interests of the LLC and its members.

Here's an example of how to start your business meeting notes.
Keep up with them as you grow and make decisions for your business. 


A STATE Limited Liability Company



Members Present: 

Members Not Present: 


NAME acted as chairman and secretary and recorded the minutes.  The chairman confirmed that all members were present.

The following matters were discussed and acted upon at this meeting. Election of manager.

1. Election of Manager. The chairman announced that the election of the manager as provided by the operating agreement of the company, was an order, and the meeting then proceeded to such. After discussion and nominations, upon motion unanimously.


RESOLVED: define persons are elected as managers of the company:



2. Certificate of Formation and Operating Agreement. The manager presented to the member the certificate of formation and operating agreement, which has been reviewed by the members and considered, section by section, after which, and motion duly made, seconded and unanimously pass, it was


RESOLVED: the certificate of formation and operating agreement are adopted as the certificate of formation and operating agreement for the company so approved and adopted.


3. Company number and EIN number. The manager presented the STATE company number as were retained by the company attorney, after which, on motion duly made, seconded and unanimously passed, it was


RESOLVED: The official STATE file number is



4. Official depository. The matter of the designation of the official depository of the company was discussed, and upon motion do they may, seconded and unanimously as the past, it was


RESOLVED: $X is selected as a depository for the funds of the company. The manager is here by authorized to open any and all checking and savings accounts as deemed necessary and with the respect to the withdrawal of funds and execution of same by the officers it was

RESOLVED FURTHER: the following persons are authorized to sign checks on the company bank accounts: NAMES


5. Accounting policies. It was discussed at the anticipated business activity of the company, as well as the complexity of his operations, would require closing competent accounting supervision; after which, on motion made it was



  1. NAME will take responsibility for QuickBooks for monthly accounting responsibility.

  2. During tax time CPA NAME AND COMPANY will file tax returns.


6. Insurance in the matter of insurance the boat must be covered for personal and for a charter passengers six people or less hosting a crew and captain.



There being no further business, this meeting of Members was, on motion duly made and seconded, adjourned.









Routine meeting minutes example:

Meeting Date: May 15, 2023 Meeting Time: 3:00 PM Meeting Location: Zoom Conference


  • John Smith, Manager

  • Jane Doe, Manager


  1. Review and Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

  2. Financial Report

  3. Marketing Plan

  4. Operations Update

  5. New Business

Meeting Minutes:

  1. The previous meeting minutes from April 15, 2023, were reviewed and approved by unanimous consent.

  2. John Smith presented the financial report. The LLC's current assets are $50,000 and liabilities are $20,000. The members discussed potential ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses.

  3. Jane Doe presented the marketing plan. The members discussed strategies for increasing brand awareness and reaching new customers.

  4. John Smith provided an update on operations. The members discussed ways to improve customer service and streamline processes.

  5. The members discussed new business, including potential investments and partnerships.

Action Items:

  • John Smith will research potential investment opportunities and report back at the next meeting.

  • Jane Doe will explore new marketing channels and report back at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: The next LLC meeting will be held on June 15, 2023, at 3:00 PM via Zoom Conference.

Meeting Adjourned: The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM by unanimous consent.

LLC meeting minutes typically include the date, time, and location of the meeting, a list of attendees, an agenda, and a summary of the discussion and decisions made during the meeting. They also often include action items and a date for the next meeting. The purpose of LLC meeting minutes is to document the activities of the LLC and provide a record of decisions made, which can be useful for legal and financial purposes.

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