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Notes For Your Captain

Your captain has a lot of responsibilities and he may not be your full time captain or bounces between boats frequently.  Creating a step-by-step list on how to run your particular vessel will be incredibly helpful to your whole team. 


You may want lists for:

* Starting the boat

* Turning on the genertor

* How to pump out the boat

* A list of where items are located

Example check list for your captain on how to start the boat

Starting the boat checklist

  1. Make sure both bathroom “heads” are on

  2. Main Battery -  GEN ENERGIZE, press in the top portion of the button

  3. GENERATOR – Turn on, press in the top portion of the button

  4. Start/Preheat: hold bottom of button for approx. 15 seconds

  5. Run: Push and hold top portion of the button until it starts. You’ll hear and feel it.

  6. Let the boat warm up for about 5 minutes.  Do the following while you wait:

  7. Shore off Line 1

  8. Shore off Line 2

  9. Slide Protector over Line 1

  10. Slide Protector over Line 2

  11. Switch Gen on Line 1

  12. Switch Gen on Line 2

  13. Turn keys on in the control panel (vertical is on)

  14. At the helm Turn Master Ignition on one at a time, look to make sure water is spitting out of the exhaust on both starboard and port rear sides.

  15. On the dock, outside of dock box is the power breaker.  Flip shore breaker power off

  16. Turn off Dock Water

  17. In the truck of the boat disconnect both power cables and place on dock box

  18. In the truck of the boat disconnect water line. (it’s a quick release, press hose in, pull middle section back and pullout.


At the Helm

  1. Start both Port & Starboard engines

  2. Check for exhaust flow at the stern on both sides

  3. Turn on the electronics

    1. Auto Pilot

    2. Radar

    3. Engine Management – Hit ‘Select’ button twice

    4. Turn on Bow Thrusters

  4. Turn on Radio

When leaving the dock, be on slow idle.

When back at the dock. Shut down everything and spray down the boat with fresh water.



  1. Make sure the drain plug is in.

  2. Check flushing tube is connected to the engine

  3. Twist the top tiny nozzle of the gas tank to let air in.

  4. Red power source under the steering wheel, turn on

  5. On side of the throttle, trim tab down to put the engine in the water

  6. Place the red safety cord on your ankle

  7. Hit the bilge if water is in the back

  8. Turn-Key (shouldn’t need choke) if you do. It’s the bar on the throttle, lift up.

  9. Always check under the seat for lifejackets and a throwable

  10. After a day of use, flush the engine with fresh hose water and leave the engine lifted out of the water, and reclose gas tank.

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