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Captain and Crew
Before & After the Charter

You need to lay out what you expect from your employees to make it each charter runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Here is our example from our vessel.

Take any ideas you'd like to make it your own.


Before Charter Checklist:

  • Clean Seats with vinyl spray, layout pillows

  • Spray and wipe down all floor cracks and surfaces

  • Sweep/vacuum the floor, both cockpit and cabin

  • Make sure blankets are rolled up nice in the seating area cubby

  • Layout black non-skid table cover & lay a table runner over it.

  • Check bathrooms: toilets and counters are clean, soap filled, and toilet paper is on the roll.

  • Place fresh blue towels in the bathrooms

  • Place fresh white and grey striped towels. 1- kitchen rail 1-upstairs sink rail

  • Put a large kitchen garbage bag in the upstairs garbage that’s under the main table

  • Captain: log into Waiver App to make sure all waivers are signed.

  • Clean off fingerprints marks from railings and cupboards

  • Prep foods for a welcome snack

  • Prep foods if it's a 4-5 hour charter

End Charter Checklist

  • Check all nooks and crannies for guests' personal items

  • Dump food, beverages and take out the trash

  • Check the fridge and freezer for items that are not ours.

  • Wash dishes and hand dry immediately so there are no watermarks

  • Paper towel to wipe down hand handrails, counters, and toilet seats

  • Refill pretty napkins, located in the second cabinet over the couch

  • Put all towels in the laundry bag

  • Wipe down seats, main table and all other surface areas

  • Sweep/vacuum up the floor both cockpit and cabin

  • Place all the pillows on the table and cover them with the sheet located by the bell.

  • Empty all trash cans: in bathrooms, kitchen, and under the table

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